Julie Walker

Senior Consultant


M.Education; B.SocialWork: B.A. NMAS, AMHSW

Areas of Expertise

Conflict Coaching Practitioner Training
Executive/Management/Conflict Coaching
Organisational Conflict Management Services
Mediation/Conferencing/Facilitation/Team Development

About Julie Walker

For the past tweny-six years Julie has worked as a conflict management consultant, as a practitioner and trainer in developing conflict management capabilities in managers, ADR practitioners and staff at all levels in a wide range of organisations.

Julie was selected by the developer of the CINERGY Conflict management coaching model as the first Australian Trainer and has since trained many hundreds of people to develop their coaching skills as well as a deeper understanding of the underlying causes of conflict. She has a record of providing excellent conflict management services to individuals, teams and assisting managers to build their confidence, enhance their own and their staff’s performance and enact change more effectively.

Julie is accredited as a mediator in Australia. She has been involved in the development of mediation services in PNG and the Northern Territory and has significant experience in providing conflict management services and training in cross cultural situations.

Through her sixteen years of provision of services through Employee Assistance Programs, Julie has developed a deep understanding of the current challenges faced by management and staff in both the public and private sectors. She is recognised for her compassion and skills in assisting people through counselling, coaching, training and development and facilitation to gain insight and build their own and their organisations’ potential and capacities.