CINERGY® Conflict Management Coach

Participants in this course will be trained as conflict management coaches. Conflict Management Coaching is a unique dispute resolution process and a specialised niche in the field of coaching.

Conflict management coaches assist people to effectively address specific interpersonal disputes and to cultivate their conflict management capability.

Conflict management coaching has wide application in early dispute resolution, pre-mediation, negotiation and complaint resolution. Leaders responsible for managing conflicts in their workplaces may also be coached.   

A two-day Leader As Coach program is offered in-house for leaders and managers interested in learning the CINERGY® model and how to use coaching with employees to address a range of workplace issues.

Training Programs and Workshops

Most of our bespoke learning and development solutions are delivered in-house. However our passion for forming communities of practice has resulted in a number of public programs, bringing together leaders and practitioners from a range of industries.

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Our suite of training programs can be tailored to your specific organisational culture and needs.

Guest Appearances & Presentations

Presentations and Conferences

CLE Consulting are thought leaders in leadership, coaching, power & rank dynamics and conflict management.

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Global Coaching Institute Coaching Programs

Our unique advanced coach training programs are designed for people who want to develop and deepen their awareness and coaching skills.  In addition you will learn more about the dynamics of leadership and organisational change.

If you are a coach, an organisational development or human resource practitioner, a business owner  or senior executive, facilitator, consultant, trainer, therapist or counsellor who wants to add coaching to your skill set then our program could be for you.  Our programs are also designed for coaches who wish to deepen their coaching practice.

At GCI you will embark on a journey of personal and professional development while learning how to apply rigorous analytical frameworks for working with individuals, partners and teams.  Your coaching practice will be underpinned by a strong foundation in cultural and institutional systems and dynamics.

The  methods you learn will support individual development and sustainable organisational change.

Retreats & Sabbaticals

Wisdom relies on our capacity to reflect deeply on our practice and contribution in the world.

Our deepest purpose and priorities are clarified in the context of community, of nature and history (or the vantage point of time).  New perspectives, renewed energy and inspiration come when connect with life with fresh eyes and when we draw on the diverse experience of colleagues.

Our retreats foster a vibrant learning community in which wisdom, creativity and deep connection are nurtured.

CINERGY™ Conflict Management Coaching
29 Jun 2020 |