CINERGY® Conflict Management Coach training

The Conflict Management Coach Practitioner training program is designed for HR professionals, leaders and conflict management professionals.  The CINERGY® Conflict Management Coaching model is an elegant approach to working with the dynamics of conflict. 
Course participants will learn to use a coaching approach to support individuals and teams develop insight into the factors that lead to and maintain disputes.  Conflict coaches assist conflicting parties to develop an understanding of their own and the other party's perspective prior to assessing the options available to them and developing strategies to manage their conflicts. 
Conflict management coaching is a major innovation in the management of workplace conflict.   It builds not only assists people to resolve disputes, it builds conflict management competency within the organisation.
"The training is very valuable. I can see it being able to be used by all people - HR, managers, staff/individuals. Building people’s skills in managing conflict can only be beneficial to organisations efficiency, effectiveness and their bottom line. It will reduce time and money spent on formal issues/investigations when they could have been addressed at an earlier stage." Kylie Mackinnan, Department of Transport