Conflict Leadership

Conflict Leadership:  Developing Integrated Conflict Management System
In the Conflict Leadership program, HR managers and advisors will reassess their current conflict management systems, considering their strengths and weaknesses. 

This workshop will introduce Integrated Conflict Management Systems, an approach to organisational conflict management which provides multiple entry points and promotes early intervention and the use of appropriate conflict management techniques for the tensions and differing conflicts which exist in organisations.

This workshop hones participants’ skills as leaders and change agents in the management of organisational conflict.  It assists HR managers and advisors to consider how they can apply their skills as conflict management specialists to acting as internal change agents, supporting their organisations to engage in the culture change necessary for best-practice.

The workshop is practical and experiential with participants taken through a series of exercises to identify organisational needs, priorities and drivers in relation to conflict management.  Participants consider influencing strategies, skills and rehearse key messages for bringing about organisational change.