Managing Performance Conversations

Typically we find that one of the most challenging parts of being a manager of people is the need to have performance conversations where there is a particular behaviour or gap in performance that we are not happy with. At best we may view these conversations as a necessary evil but seldom do we welcome them as the opportunity that they are.

Sometimes we may choose to avoid the situation as we think it just too tough and resign ourselves to just live with it. Other times we may want to have the conversation but are just not sure how or where to begin. There is one thing that is certain though, if the situation is not addressed it’s not going to go away and will eventually take its toll on you and other members of your team.

In many situations it may have been possible to avoid formal performance management processes if robust performance conversations had taken place at the time the original event had occurred.

At CLE we recognise what it takes to have these tricky performance conversations both from the level of skill required and also from the mental and emotional perspective. This is why we have put together a program specifically to support you to begin to welcome the opportunity that these curly situations present.