Leadership Development

The Microskills of Leadership


Leader As Coach: A Coaching Approach To Dealing With Workplace Issues
Leader As Coach equips leaders and people managers to apply a coaching approach to assist their employees to deal with a range of workplace issues including employee engagement, making difficult decisions, giving feedback, addressing underperformance, managing team tensions, negotiation and workplace conflict.  Leaders learn about the elements that underpin many 'stuck' situations in the workplace and are introduced to a powerful question framework for eliciting new insights and developing momentum.

Leadership Under Fire
Leadership Under Fire examines common challenges and pressures in leadership such as dealing with criticism and attack, managing conflict and dissent, dealing with uncertainty and self-doubt, making difficult decisions and the burden of responsibility.  Participants identify and develop strategies for managing triggers that can lead to procrastination or undermine their confidence in leadership. This program counters the traps of isolation in leadership and develops resilience.

The Conscious Use of Power
Leadership brings with it power, rank and authority.  When leaders fail to embrace their authority important decisions are neglected, leadership vacuums exist and team and interpersonal problems develop.  Conversely leaders who are dependent on their positional power fail to engage their staff.  To the extent that there is a mismatch between our personal power and the power vested in the role, we are in trouble.   This workshop is for those in leadership, decision making roles or positions of influence interested in exploring and enhancing their use of personal and positional authority, power and rank.

Leaders As Boundary Riders
Leaders as Boundary Riders explores the role of leaders as visionaries and change agents; as motivators and disturbers of organisational systems.  Program participants work with peers to optimise their vantage point, as surveyors of the external environment and shapers of the internal culture, mindsets and capacities needed for the future.  In this workshop, leaders will seek the essence, or the key elements of their vision for their organisations and their industry.  They will map the change journey, assessing the terrain they will ask others to traverse with them.  Finally they will explore take stock of their own resources and preparedness for the adventure ahead. 

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Emotional Intelligence
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