Power, Diversity and Rank

Wise Leadership: The Skilful Use of Power and Rank

Leadership brings with it power, rank and authority.  When leaders fail to embrace their authority important decisions are neglected, leadership vacuums exist and team and interpersonal problems develop.  Conversely leaders who rely mainly on positional power fail to engage their staff. 

This workshop is for leaders, coaches, consultants and mediators interested in exploring and enhancing their use of personal and positional authority, power and rank. 

This workshop investigates those factors influencing a person’s ability to occupy their role and use power effectively. It will assist you to understand more about your own relationship to power and the factors which challenge the expression of legitimate authority in the workplace. 

Workshop participants will gain and appreciation of the individual and systemic forces acting on anyone who enters a leadership role. We will explore how these forces, both current and historical, shape how individuals engage with the role and impact this has on others. 

The workshop examines the wise and skilful use of power and authority. It also examines the traps of leaning on positional power to compensate for genuine influence and deeply-held personal power. 

Finally this workshop will consider recent institutional scandals involving the misuse of power to highlight the importance of recognising and responding skilfully to misuses of power.