Power, Diversity and Rank

Wising Up to Power

Power and rank dynamics are critical to the effective flow of information within organisations and the ability to mobilise the intelligence and capability of all employees.  The effective use of power is also central to building workplace cultures in which people want to come to work. Bullying, discrimination and harassment are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to symptoms of poorly used power and rank in the workplace. An understanding of rank dynamics underpins diversity in the workforce. In this workshop you will develop a deeper understanding of the sources of institutional and personal power. You will have an opportunity to explore the use of power and the experience of empowerment in a range of contexts. You will learn to use your own power more effectively and will be introduced to ideas and develop strategies for supporting your employees and clients to engage in more confident and empowered ways.

This workshop will introduce research indicating when leaders are most at risk of bullying others.