The Art of Work-Life Balance Retreat

Discovering Joie de Vivre


A six-day residential retreat program held in Provence


Having your foot permanently on the accelerator takes its toll.  We grow stale.  Our effectiveness diminishes, often in ways we fail to notice.  And if you drive yourself, chances are you’re pushing others as well.


Work-life balance isn’t about maintaining a static state of equilibrium.  It’s about discovering what sustainability looks like in your own life.  Some of us are long-distance runners, while others thrive in creative and rapidly changing environments.  Each of us has our own drive, passions, capacities and needs for rest and renewal.


Set in the exquisite beauty of Provence, this retreat will revitalise your mind, body and spirit.


It is an opportunity to discover the guiding vision underpinning your life and career path.  Fresh perspectives on what sustains you, will help you clarify your priorities.   While understanding what drives your current behaviour will support you to realign your choices.


This retreat is an opportunity to take time out to differentiate between what’s urgent and important.  It is a chance to re-assess your role, role boundaries and your relationship with yourself and others.


Learn about what makes you tick, as you reconnect with nature and the world around you and reset your clock.  Rediscover your joie de vivre.


In Brief


Day 1:  Taking A Snapshot
Day 2:  What Drives You?
Day 3:  What Inspires & Sustains You?
Day 4:  Who Accompanies You?
Day 5:  Following Your Guiding Compass


In this program you will be introduced to the practice of mindfulness, a powerful approach to retaining clarity, presence and perspective, even under pressure.


For further information


Request further information about the Discovering Joie de Vivre program.  Or call us on +61 403656063.


This program is also offered in-house.


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