Clair Turner

Executive Coach



  • Global Coaching Institute ACSTH
  • Solution Oriented Counsellor
  • Company Director’s Course.
  • Bachelor of Arts Monash University, Economics & Social Sciences
  • Registered One Brain Practitioner


Areas of Expertise

Leadership Development & Management Coaching

Team Building & Communication

Wellbeing & Resilience

Conflict Management Coach


CLAIR is a coach, counsellor and consultant, who works alongside clients with patience, respect and humour to create outcomes that benefit individuals and the teams and organisations they work in.


Clair is highly regarded amongst clients and peers as the ‘embrace change’ coach, working with individuals as they find the courage to deep-dive into presenting states of change and crisis.


With expertise in neuro-leadership and ways of engaging the ‘whole brain’, Clair skilfully supports clients to identify deep inner resources and overcome internal blocks and resistances, to fully engage with the opportunities currently being presented to clients. She coaches her clients to develop new perspectives, identify new skills and ways of being, enabling them to navigate times of change with courage, emerging from the process strengthened and empowered.


Clair brings first-hand insights into and solid understanding of executive responsibility. Delivering training in engagement and communication skills, she skills leaders in building rapport and bring others with them on the change journey.


Clair’s coaching practice is grounded in practical strategies and know-how, rather than isolated theory. She has previously worked in the project management and architecture industry as a director, managing staff and resources, budgets and projects in the construction industry. Her exceptional people skills have evolved directly from her business experience.


Clair has worked closely with franchisees and franchisors to bring large corporate programs to the market in Australia and Asia. Franchise clients include Westpac Bank, Priceline Pharmacies, Reece, Subaru Australia, and Nissan Motor Corporation. Drawing on her proven experience managing large complex teams, Clair educates clients to cultivate excellent stakeholder management skills and an understanding of the need to be adaptive and agile in commercial environments.


Clair’s training in solution oriented counselling informs her coaching practice: she is goal directed, collaborative and empathetic.