We get stuck when our ways of doing things till now,
no longer work for us.

Rather than avoiding these experiences,
why not value them as an impetus for change.

CLE guides you
in making organisational challenges meaningful.

We work with you to
find the gold in difficult situations.

Partner with us to
assess & understand
influences on your culture
and performance.

Capture the power & momentum
that keep you awake at night.

Getting To The Heart Of The Matter

CLE Consulting are thought leaders in leadership, coaching, power & rank dynamics and conflict management

Our Expertise

Offering leadership development programs and executive coaching to support emerging and experienced leaders to realise their potential.

Offering coach skills training to leaders and organisations to support the development of a coaching culture and enhance engagement

Offering advanced training and supervision to support experienced facilitators and coaches to work effectively with their clients.

Offering change leadership skills and facilitating strategic conversations to support you in navigating complex adaptive challenges.

Offering assessment, strategy design and skill development to support you in building healthy relationships and healthy organisations.

Offering state of the art conflict management services, CLE pioneered the introduction of conflict management coaching in Australia. We support building conflict capability and dispute resolution.

CINERGY® Conflict Coach Training


  • NSW Health

    In response to poor employee survey results, CLE Consulting Australia developed a program introducing a coaching approach to promote culture change and enhance staff engagement...

  • NSW Fire and Rescue

    CLE Consulting Australia worked with the executive team of a NSW government department to develop senior and frontline leaders’ capacity to coach staff...

  • Victorian Public Service Commission

    CLE Consulting Australia worked closely with Victorian Public Service Commission on their major sectorial change initiative...


Unleashing power, passion & potential in organisations