How Do You Manage Conflict?

Did you know that research indicates 30-50% of a manager’s time is spent averting or addressing conflict?!

When working with conflict, we adopt a coaching approach. We’ve worked with scores of organisations to introduce conflict management coaching for early intervention and escalated conflict. We’ve now trained over 1500 leaders, HR managers and practitioners in this approach.

Here are some of our favourite questions…

What provoked you most in this situation?
What specifically was challenged when that happened?
What outcome are you hoping for?
What do you need right now?
What do you suppose (the other party) intended when s/he said/did that? (What else?)
How might (the other party) describe what occurred between you?
How might what you said/did/didn’t do have triggered (the other party)?
What were you intending?
What might s/he think you intended?
What do you think was important for the other party in this situation?
What are the main differences and similarities between you (in this matter and about this specific conflict/dispute)?
What are the options for working with this conflict?
What are your favourite questions when supporting people through conflict?

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