In response to poor employee survey results, CLE Consulting Australia developed a program introducing a coaching approach to promote culture change and enhance staff engagement within a state health department.  This program was delivered to 600 leaders and managers including Executives. On impact evaluation, three months after attending the program respondents reported:


  • improved communication (96%)
  • an improved ability to provide timely constructive feedback (92%)
  • improved working relationships and improved teamwork (92%)
  • improved productivity (84%)


CLE Consulting Australia worked with the executive team of a NSW government department to develop senior and frontline leaders’ capacity to coach staff through a range of workplace issues resulting in workplace tensions and conflict.


As a direct result of the program the client reported savings of $1.9 million dollars in conflict related HR costs. This represented a return on investment of $177 for every dollar spent. The division in which the program was piloted was the only one to come in on budget – an outcome attributed to better alignment and decision-making within the leadership group.  Given these results the program has since been rolled out across the organisation.


CLE Consulting Australia worked closely with Victorian Public Service Commission on their major sectorial change initiative ‘Taking the Heat Out of Workplace Conflict’. Our participation  introduced CINERGY® Conflict Management Coaching to the VPS delivering training for HR practitioners and managers;  a conflict leadership program to build thought leadership and support organisational change, as well as consultancy support for organisations in the design of Integrated Conflict Management Systems (ICMSs).
CINERGY® Conflict Management Coaching was introduced as an early intervention strategy to address issues such as organisational conflict, performance issues, tensions associated with organisational change, bullying and harassment.   The initiative involved approximately 70 departments and agencies with some 150 HR and IR practitioners being trained in the CINERGY® Conflict Coach Practitioner method and close to 200 people managers being trained in the Leader As Coach program. The initiative resulted in major policy and procedural changes within several public sector organisations and led to the formation of a sector-wide community of practice, which met for four years.  It has significantly changed the way organisations think about and address workplace conflict.


In addition to delivering bespoke leadership development programs, CLE Consulting Australia has partnered with organisations such as the Aurora Foundation to build leadership capacity in the library, archives and information management professions within the Asia-Pacific region.  This year-long program draws on the principles of Adaptive Leadership, Process-oriented and Depth Psychology within a structure encompassing a week long residential workshop, peer coaching and mentoring by industry leaders.


Feedback from participants gives some insight into its role in supporting the emergence of strategic and people leadership, laying the foundation for a strong future within a sector experiencing dramatic change and disruption.

“An empowering and immersive experience that changes the way you look at yourself, your industry and your role as a leader.”

“There are just so many benefits- awareness of self, understanding power, collaboration with peers, lifelong connections.”


We were delighted once again to receive feedback that our facilitator’s presence and commitment to living and modelling conscious and dynamic leadership is a powerful source of learning.

“The agility of Rho, Kate, Sarah – feeling them adapting as they went was a powerful way to model their theory in action.”