Healthy Conversations

The Healthy Conversations program introduces a framework for ensuring effective conversations between managers and staff. Based on the Harvard model of negotiation it assists managers and staff to prepare for all facets of challenging conversations including the focus or issue, the feelings involved, and the identity of the individuals involved (or how they want to be seen).


CLE Consulting’s Healthy Conversations program expands on the Harvard model by introducing a fourth domain for consideration. This program supports managers and their staff to reflect upon the real and perceived impacts of differences in power and authority on the conversation.

In The Driver’s Seat

In the Driver’s Seat is a program that builds confidence and skills in effective workplace and team communication.  While the overview provided here illustrates key content areas each program is customised to your specific business and cultural needs.


Module 1: Influencing and Assertive Communication Skills


What makes you tick?  How can you understand what makes others tick – whether they be your boss, staff, workmates, family members or friends?  This workshop will develop your understanding of how different people think and operate.  Learn practical skills for getting your point across and getting on with people, even if they seem to be completely opposite to yourself.   Develop skills for giving and receiving feedback and raising sensitive issues.


Module 2:  Workplace Communication


What are your typical ways of dealing with conflict?  How can you understand not only the presenting problem, but the unspoken elements of conflict, such as the needs and fears that drive people’s behaviour?


This workshop will give you tools and techniques for understanding your own and the other person’s perspective in conflict and the dynamics of conflict escalation and de-escalation.  You will also develop skills in raising and addressing sensitive or challenging issues.


Module 3: Negotiation, Problem Solving and Integration


The final workshop introduces powerful questioning techniques for getting to the heart of an issue.  You will learn skills to assist staff, colleagues and those you care about to think through issues that confuse or challenge them.


This workshop introduces the art of negotiation, including mapping the best and worst case scenarios (and all the stops in between), recognizing dirty tricks and thinking creatively to achieve solutions that work for everyone.  Then in a light hearted finale participants enjoy the opportunity to bring all of their skills together in a final challenge.