Our Vision

CLE Consulting Australia unleashes the power, passion and potential in organisations, by cultivating courageous leaders, empowered employees and vibrant workplace cultures.


Our Mission

To connect people and organisations with their full potential.



At CLE we are committed to getting to the heart of the matter in order to achieve sustainable solutions.  We do this through collaborative partnerships and customised service and program provision.


Getting to the Heart of the Matter
We have a committment to holistic has a commitment to holistic service delivery which gets to the heart of strategic organisational development and culture change.


Sustainable Solutions
We avoid quick fixes and ‘band-aid’ solutions, in favour of realistic and sustainable solutions that build organisational capability.


Customised Services
Guided by your unique organisational needs, culture and aspirations, we custom design with enduring value in mind.


Collaborative Partnerships
CLE works in genuine partnership, based on mutual trust and respect.


Focus on Results
We pride ourselves on quality, evaluating program outcomes and consistently seek client feedback.