CINERGY® Conflict Management Coaching

Helped me to understand just why this situation pushed my buttons so strongly.
Senior Manager

Conflict management coaching supports the early resolution or management of conflict and restoration of working relationships.  A confidential process, it helps to clarify your conflict management goals and develop insight into the dynamics that maintain conflict.   Conflict Management Coaching helps individuals to understand the perspective of all parties involved and explore options for managing your conflict.  They also support the development of  practical skills essential for effectively implementing conflict strategies.


Conflict coaching reduces the human and organisational costs of conflict and can be applied to specific disputes, internal conflicts or more general patterns of dealing with conflict. CINERGY® Conflict Coaching develops organisational capability whilst addressing workplace conflicts, without the need to escalate conflicts to the level of a dispute.

Conflict Management Coach Practitioner Training

The CINERGY Conflict Management Coach Practitioner program is designed for HR professionals, leaders, coaches and dispute resolution professionals interested in applying a powerful and elegant CINERGY framework to the management and resolution of workplace tensions and disputes.

Course participants learn dynamic new ways to support individuals and teams to develop insight into the factors that lead to and maintain disputes.  Conflict coaches assist conflicting parties to develop an understanding of their own and the other party’s perspective prior to assessing the options available to them and developing strategies to manage their conflicts.

Conflict management coaching is a major innovation in the management of workplace conflict.  It is now regarded as best practice prior to conducting facilitated discussions and mediations.   The CINERGY methodology not only assists people to resolve disputes, it builds conflict management competency within organisations.


We’ve finally discovering a not-so-invasive approach adaptable to a range of workplace issues.
HR manager

The Leader As Coach: Taking A Coaching Approach To Workplace Issues

This two-day program introduces managers to the CINERGY® Coaching approach.  Graduates learn to support their peers and direct reports to think through challenging workplace situations, recognise their own reactions and contributions, and manage workplace tensions and conflicts more effectively.


Leaders participating in this program report these skills have transformed the way they engage with staff and others to address challenging issues in the workplace.


 CLE Consulting provided a great experience. This was one of the best courses I have been to: it has improved the way I am as a leader and the way I am as a person. It will make life better for the people and the workplace.
Peter Grace, Disaster Support Officer, Queensland Police Force