Management Essentials


This Management Essentials program comprises four workshops that develop key understandings and core skills needed to effectively manage tasks and people.


  • You As A Manager
  • Managing Others
  • Managing Change
  • Managing Conflict


You As A Manager develops participants’ understanding of their own management style and core values.  It explores the importance of emotional intelligence in management, assisting managers to recognise their triggers and potential barriers to success.  This program introduces an Action Learning framework to assist managers learn from their experience on the job.


Managing Others develops managers’ skills for optimising performance.  Participants will consider what motivates staff and learn the essentials of giving effective feedback.  They will also be introduced to frameworks, skills and tools for managing under performance.


Managing Change will assist managers to identify the keys to successful change.  They will learn about the transitions individuals and teams often go through, and communication techniques that are effective for various stages of the change cycle.  Finally managers will learn to deal with resistance and change fatigue.


Managing Conflict builds managers’ skills and confidence in dealing with conflict in the workplace.  Managers will develop insights into their typical reactions in conflict and preferred conflict management style.  Managers will explore the causes and map the underlying issues that drive conflict.  They will practice skills for managing conflict, and consider a range of third party strategies for addressing workplace conflict.


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