Organisational Health and Wellbeing

Our team draws on its extensive experience in leadership and management development, team dynamics, culture change, complex systems thinking, organisational and individual psychology, coaching, counselling and occupational health and rehabilitation experience to deliver a comprehensive suite of organisational health and wellbeing services.

Organisational Health Checks

We partner with business leaders and their employees to reflect on what is working well and what might be improved in their workplaces.


Delivering on our commitment to ‘get to the heart of the matter’ we offer a comprehensive analysis of the forces acting within a work unit which impact individuals’ capacity to deliver timely and quality customer services and employee morale.  Our recommendations provide clear and actionable strategies for achieving turn around.

Perhaps the feature of this work we are most proud of, is our ability to bring teams and workforces with us on the journey.  We aspire to making organisational health checks a collaborative learning experience for all concerned, resulting in stronger, happier and more confident workforces. Find out more


Team Building

CLE Consulting Australia offers customised programs to support team development, foster creativity and innovation and build healthy workplace relationships.


A thorough assessment of current team strengths and challenges will support program design. Our clients describe our team building experiences as turning points, leading to shared understanding and dialogue.

From our perspective every interaction we have with your staff, no matter what our service should enhance team wellbeing, working relationships and organisational outcomes.


Our consultants draw on their experience as learning and development practitioners, coaches, mediators and in theatre, to ensure dynamic and responsive team development programs. Find out more


Executive Team Facilitation

We can’t solve problems with the same kind of thinking we used to create them.

CLE Consulting Australia assists executive and leadership teams to engage in strategic conversations and address roadblocks to decision making.  Our facilitation process will help you to recognise and understand the individual and collective assumptions that shape your thinking and sometimes limit your choice and capacity to initiate and lead change.


We explore team dynamics and address stuck behaviour patterns, in order to energise your team and mobilise your power.

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Healthy Conversations

The Healthy Conversations program introduces a framework for ensuring effective conversations between managers and staff. Based on the Harvard model of negotiation it assists managers and staff to prepare for all facets of challenging conversations including the focus or issue, the feelings involved, and the identity of the individuals involved (or how they want to be seen).


CLE Consulting’s Healthy Conversations program expands on the Harvard model by introducing a fourth domain for consideration. This program supports managers and their staff to reflect upon the real and perceived impacts of differences in power and authority on the conversation.

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In The Driver’s Seat

In the Driver’s Seat is a program that builds confidence and skills in effective workplace and team communication.  While the overview provided here illustrates key content areas each program is customised to your specific business and cultural needs.

Module 1: Influencing and Assertive Communication Skills

What makes you tick?  How can you understand what makes others tick – whether they be your boss, staff, workmates, family members or friends?  This workshop will develop your understanding of how different people think and operate.  Learn practical skills for getting your point across and getting on with people, even if they seem to be completely opposite to yourself.   Develop skills for giving and receiving feedback and raising sensitive issues.


Module 2:  Workplace Communication

What are your typical ways of dealing with conflict?  How can you understand not only the presenting problem, but the unspoken elements of conflict, such as the needs and fears that drive people’s behaviour?


This workshop will give you tools and techniques for understanding your own and the other person’s perspective in conflict and the dynamics of conflict escalation and de-escalation.  You will also develop skills in raising and addressing sensitive or challenging issues.


Module 3: Negotiation, Problem Solving and Integration

The final workshop introduces powerful questioning techniques for getting to the heart of an issue.  You will learn skills to assist staff, colleagues and those you care about to think through issues that confuse or challenge them.


This workshop introduces the art of negotiation, including mapping the best and worst case scenarios (and all the stops in between), recognizing dirty tricks and thinking creatively to achieve solutions that work for everyone.  Then in a light hearted finale participants enjoy the opportunity to bring all of their skills together in a final challenge.



Workplace Diversity & Inclusion

Power and rank dynamics show up in many guises in organisations. Stepping into leadership, exercising the authority of one’s role and learning to manage-up all rely on a person’s ability to mobilise their personal power.


In addition, the expression of rank and power dynamics in the workplace is a key determinant of workplace culture. It underpins whether executive teams can achieve alignment and reach effective decisions, whether staff are free to create and innovate and whether individuals feel free to ask questions or raise concerns. The effective use of power is central to psychological well-being and high morale in the workplace.

Power, rank and diversity are inextricably linked. Indicators of unconscious bias and gender and racial stereotyping (amongst others) are often lost on those who belong to more central or mainstream groups in the workplace and society.


Conversely, members of diverse cultural groups are acutely aware of these dynamics and sometimes struggle with them daily.


In this one day workshop we will address four distinct challenges of power in the workplace:


  • Using high power well
  • Working with emerging power
  • Overcoming low rank
  • Dealing with the misuse and abuse of power


The impacts of power and rank dynamics can be subtle. Have you ever wondered why someone might be highly competent in one situation, yet go to pieces in another? Many individuals struggle to understand these moments when their performance is derailed. Often the answer lies in who’s in the room or more specifically, the comparative rank of those individuals.


Our understanding of power and rank dynamics as leaders, coaches, mediators and OD practitioners plays a critical role in our capacity to engage stakeholders from diverse backgrounds. It is fundamental to our ability to raise awareness of power within our organisations, communication patterns and the impact of behaviours on others.


This workshop is a valuable opportunity to build your awareness of power and rank dynamics in the workplace. It offers a chance for us to reflect as leaders and as professionals on how we can best mobilise the talent and diversity within individuals, teams and our broader workforces.

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Creating Inclusive Workplaces

Promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace is a priority for organisations interested in engaging emerging markets and tapping into the unique knowledge a fully engaged and diverse workforce provides.


We assist organisations committed to diversity and inclusion to understand how unconscious rank and taken-for-granted privileges act as barriers to the recruitment, retention and promotion of your best talent.

Our dynamic programs and facilitation build insight into the relationship, attitudinal and communication dynamics that support full participation and inclusion


If you are interested in this topic please read our blog “How To Avoid Becoming The Next Bronywn Bishop“. While you are there, why not make a comment, and add to the discussion?



Cost: $480/person inc gst


To register for this program please email CLE Consulting Australia or call 03 9077 2163.



The introductory program explores the management of personal and team stress in the workplace and helps individuals develop their own coping strategies and resilience.


Drawing on the work of researchers such as Maddi and Kosaba and Stolz we will look at the thinking and attitudes that allow people to thrive under pressure.  You will be supported to recognise the source of your own personal power and strength and to identify coping strategies for dealing with the pressures and uncertainty work can sometimes bring.

Managing Occupational Stress

This advanced program explores the assessment and management of risk factors, cultural dimensions of occupational stress and legal and OH&S responsibilities for workers’ health and safety.

Toward Work-life Balance

When we lose sight of the bigger picture and drown in tasks, work is not only less fun, but we are less effective. The more we understand the deeper purpose or myth underlying our life and career path, the less effortful our work is.


Reassess what is urgent and important, revisit your role and role boundaries and share practical secrets to work-life balance. Discover the unique ‘superhero’ qualities that help you survive tough times and escape dead-end situations. Finally, explore ways of working with the internal (and sometimes external) conflicts that get in the way of a more balanced life.

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Bullying, Discrimination & Harassment

Drawing on our expertise in the fields of power, rank and diversity, CLE offers leading edge education about and management of complaints about bullying, discrimination and harassment in the workplace.


Find out more about our bullying, discrimination and harassment services and training.