Conflict Management Services

At CLE we are interested in the underlying causes of conflict, not just the symptoms.  Understanding that a one-size fits all approach to conflict ignores individual differences and the complexities of organisational life we work closely with clients to consider their conflict management options. Drawing on leadership and organisational development, as well as coaching, psychological and ADR expertise our services are designed to reflect your unique needs, challenges and aspirations.

CINERGY® Conflict Management Coaching

Helped me to understand just why this situation pushed my buttons so strongly.
Senior Manager

CLE is proud to have introduced CINERGY Conflict Management Coaching to Australia – now a recognised cornerstone of dispute management practice.


Conflict management coaching supports the early resolution or management of conflict and restoration of working relationships.  A confidential process, it can help you clarify your conflict management goals and develop insight into the dynamics that maintain your conflict.


A CLE Conflict Management Coach can help you to understand the perspective of all parties involved and explore options for managing your conflict.  They can also help you to develop the practical skills essential for effectively implementing conflict strategies.


Conflict coaching reduces the human and organisational costs of conflict and can be applied to specific disputes, internal conflicts or more general patterns of dealing with conflict. CINERGY® Conflict Coaching develops organisational capability whilst addressing workplace conflicts, without the need to escalate conflicts to the level of a dispute.

Mediation and Facilitated Discussions

Our highly experienced mediators assist conflicting parties to discuss their need and interests in a dispute, engage in problem solving and develop mutual agreements.


We place a strong emphasis on thorough assessment and preparation as pre-requisites to effective mediation, understanding that what is said in the heat of the moment is not easily forgotten.

Team Building

We provide bespoke team building programs designed to address underlying conflict either through direct dialogue or bespoke team building and learning activities designed to build skills and understanding.


We are proud to have been involved in the early development and delivery of groundbreaking programs such as the Defence Abuse Response Taskforce.


Our experienced investigators ensure a thorough investigation process that results in clear findings which identify the root causes of issues, offering comprehensive and practical recommendations.  Wherever possible we engage with individuals in a way that builds insight and understanding throughout the investigation process.

Integrated Conflict Management Systems

CLE Consulting Australia works with organisations to develop strategic Integrated Conflict Management Systems (ICMS) suited to their unique circumstances and needs. We assist our clients to map the continuum of approaches- from prevention and early intervention, through to rights-based or formal interventions – which comprise an ICMS framework.


Managing organisational conflict more effectively is in itself a cultural change process. We facilitate the engagement of key stakeholders in strategic conversations to build shared vision, understanding, ownership and a solution-oriented focus.


CLE can assist with the development of promotional strategies tailored to the diverse needs of internal stakeholders.