Leadership Development

CLE cultivates the leadership mindsets and capabilities vital to your realizing corporate objectives, engaging your workforce, building culture and addressing core organisational challenges. Our bespoke leadership development programs build individual capability within an adaptive systems approach, focusing and aligning leadership. Our expertise in the field of influence, power and authority supports leaders to take up their role with skill and insight.

Helped me to understand just why this situation pushed my buttons so strongly 
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Leadership Coaching Circles

In 2021 CLE will offer a series of Leadership Coaching Circles that bring leaders together with committed peers – to take the pulse on vital changes within themselves, their teams and the world around them.

Peer coaching is a powerful and focused opportunity to learn from the experience of others. Our Leadership Coaching Circles break the tyranny of isolation that results in second-guessing ourselves and inevitably slows us down, resulting in lost leadership opportunities. Instead, trusted and powerful peer networks, inspire and support participating leaders to step into their wisest, bravest and most capable selves.


CLE’s Leadership Coaching Circles will be facilitated by Rho Sandberg, an experienced leadership development consultant and internationally recognised executive coach.

Committed to supporting leaders and leadership teams access their deepest vision, courage and potential, Rho helps leaders cut through the white noise of organisational life, to understand and lead whole systems with confidence, despite the ambiguity and uncertainty of our times.
Rho is one of only 1000 coaches globally to be recognised by the International Coach Federation as a Master Certified Coach. She delivers and teaches peer and group coaching in Europe, Japan, China, Australia and the USA.


Cost: $1500 for 9 sessions

Dates & Times: Tuesdays from 12pm – 1:30pm

9 March, 6 April, 4 May, 1 June, 29 June, 27 July, 24 August, 21 September, 19 October


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To support peer group formation, please indicate whether you are an emerging or experienced leader.

Executive Coaching

Coaching can be a rare opportunity to reflect confidentially on your experience, assumptions, mindset and behaviours. Executive coaching is the best strategy we know of to build your resourcefulness and resilience in leadership. Executive coaches support leaders to reflect on and learn from their leadership, in order to realise their potential and achieve better outcomes.


Our executive coaches help leaders achieve congruence and clarity about their goals and cultivate their capacity to engage with the forces that disturb and frustrate their leadership. Moving beyond a level of mere reaction to organisational challenges, our clients come to regard them as an impetus to new insights, learning and action and so are better equipped to influence their environment.

CLE’s executive coaches are engaged by leaders who want to position their leadership, develop strategic insights, achieve influence, lead change, acquire political nous, refine their decision making, use power more effectively, gain emotional intelligence, manage conflict and dissent, build resilience and more skilfully occupy their leadership role.


Women in Leadership

Women face unique challenges in the workplace which impact recognition of their leadership.  Too many great women internalize the challenges they encounter as a reflection of their own skill and capacity, underestimating the influence of social stereotypes and the political and cultural environments they operate within.


Our bespoke leadership development programs for women build leadership capabilities with an eye to context.  Drawing on our unique specialization in power and rank dynamics we explore individual, social, cultural and organizational factors that impact the way women perceive, find and take up their role as leaders.  We support women to find their internal authority and voice, while cultivating core leadership skills across a range of situations.


You may also be interested in Power, Influence and Authority  or Diversity and Inclusion

Emerging Leadership

Transitions in Leadership

For those leading in a new role or organisation, this program engages leaders in a situational analysis of the unique opportunities and developmental challenges in their new environment.  It asks leaders to re-examine the secrets of their past success and make a fresh call on what is required in the current business and cultural environment.  The Transitions program supports the development of new networks, the creation of channels of influence and strengthens line management relationships.


Emerging Leaders

This program is for those contemplating leadership.  Participants explore a range of leadership functions and behaviours while assuming project or other leadership responsibilities.   Content areas include strategic alignment and agenda setting, influencing skills, change leadership, engaging others, challenging conversations, power and authority in leadership, negotiation and conflict management.  Emerging Leaders is an opportunity to develop skills and confidence in the leadership arena.

The Leadership Sabbatical

The Leadership Sabbatical is an enquiry into the essence of your leadership.  It is an invitation to connect with your guiding myth and mission and to discover what authentic and resilient leadership mean to you.

This powerful experience explores the crucible in which your leadership has emerged: the dynamic forces that act on you, both as a leader and an individual.   The Leadership Sabbatical offers a rare opportunity to reflect with others on how you engage with the promise and trials of leadership.  It is an invitation to engage deeply with these forces, drawing on them as source of impetus, strength and direction in your leadership.

Held over five days, The Leadership Retreat is an opportunity to revitalise and invigorate your leadership.


To find out more about our leadership programs or to discuss tailoring a bespoke program for your organisation please contact us.


Microskills for Leadership

Reading the Signals: Managing Change, Influence & Dissent

Reading The Signals introduces a powerful framework for harnessing the potential found not only in the organisational vision but in organisational challenges and disruptions such as unrest, complaints, failures and conflict.


In Module 1 participants will learn to identify early signals of change and the values and passions that drive change.  They will identify the factors that maintain the status quo and address dynamics that limit an organisation, team or individual’s capacity for change.


Module 2 examines the impact of power and rank dynamics on communication, decision making and change capability, while Module 3 develops skills for dealing with diverse opinions, dissent and conflict.  Throughout this program participants will learn about themselves as a model and instrument of change.

Reading The Signals introduces organisational leaders, organisational development and HR practitioners to a Process Oriented approach to leading and facilitating organisations, teams and communities.


Leader As Coach: A Coaching Approach To Dealing With Workplace Issues

Leader As Coach equips leaders and people managers to apply a coaching approach to assist their employees to deal with a range of workplace issues including employee engagement, making difficult decisions, giving feedback, addressing underperformance, managing team tensions, negotiation and workplace conflict.

Leaders learn about the elements that underpin many ‘stuck’ situations in the workplace and are introduced to a powerful question framework for eliciting new insights and developing momentum.


Leadership Under Fire

Leadership Under Fire examines common challenges and pressures in leadership such as dealing with criticism and attack, managing conflict and dissent, dealing with uncertainty and self-doubt, making difficult decisions and the burden of responsibility.  Participants identify and develop strategies for managing triggers that can lead to procrastination or undermine their confidence in leadership. This program counters the traps of isolation in leadership and develops resilience.


The Conscious Use of Power

Leadership brings with it power, rank and authority.  When leaders fail to embrace their authority important decisions are neglected, leadership vacuums exist and team and interpersonal problems develop.  Conversely leaders who are dependent on their positional power fail to engage their staff.  To the extent that there is a mismatch between our personal power and the power vested in the role, we are in trouble.   This workshop is for those in leadership, decision making roles or positions of influence interested in exploring and enhancing their use of personal and positional authority, power and rank.


Leaders As Boundary Riders

Leaders as Boundary Riders explores the role of leaders as visionaries and change agents; as motivators and disturbers of organisational systems.  Program participants work with peers to optimise their vantage point, as surveyors of the external environment and shapers of the internal culture, mindsets and capacities needed for the future.  In this workshop, leaders will seek the essence, or the key elements of their vision for their organisations and their industry.  They will map the change journey, assessing the terrain they will ask others to traverse with them.  Finally, they will take stock of their own resources and preparedness for the adventure ahead.


Other Areas:

Change Leadership
Influencing Skills

Challenging Conversations

Emotional Intelligence
Empowered Leadership
Resilience in Leadership


Power influence & Authority

CLE Consulting Australia offers a unique specialisation in the dynamics of power and rank in the workplace.  We foster insight into the ways leaders and employees sometimes fail to use their personal power or misuse their authority under pressure.  CLE is committed to cultivating the conscious use of power by leaders and employees.


The effective use of power and rank shapes organisational culture.  CLE assists organisations to understand the impact of power and rank dynamics on organisational communication, knowledge transfer, performance, conflict and the bottom line.  We are often invited to facilitate forums in which power and rank differences may significantly impact outcomes.


We assist organisations committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace to understand how unconscious rank and taken-for-granted privileges act as barriers to greater participation in the workplace.

Bullying, discrimination and harassment reflect limited insight into rank dynamics and poor use of power.  CLE has developed the 4I’s model which emphasises insight, identity, intent and impact as a way of exploring these issues.  Our complaint handling programs offer HR practitioners and managers a deeper understanding of how to address the dynamics behind issues.


CLE provides a range of education programs and interventions to address bullying, discrimination and harassment in the workplace including conflict coaching, management coaching and team interventions.


Wise Leadership: The Skillful Use of Power and Rank

This workshop is for leaders, coaches, consultants and mediators interested in exploring and enhancing their use of personal and positional authority, power and rank.


Leadership brings with it power, rank and authority.  When leaders fail to embrace their authority important decisions are neglected, leadership vacuums exist and team and interpersonal problems develop.  Conversely leaders who rely mainly on positional power fail to engage their staff.


This workshop investigates those factors influencing a person’s ability to occupy their role and use power effectively. It will assist you to understand more about your own relationship to power and the factors which challenge the expression of legitimate authority in the workplace.

Workshop participants will gain an appreciation of the individual and systemic forces acting on anyone who enters a leadership role. We will explore how these forces, both current and historical, shape how individuals engage with the role and impact this has on others.


The workshop examines the traps of leaning on positional power to compensate for genuine influence and deeply-held personal power and introduces research into when leaders are most at risk of bullying others.


Be introduced to ideas and develop strategies for supporting your employees and clients to engage in more confident and empowered ways.


Learn how to use your power and influence for good.


Management Essentials

This Management Essentials program comprises four workshops that develop key understandings and core skills needed to effectively manage tasks and people.


  • You As A Manager
  • Managing Others
  • Managing Change
  • Managing Conflict

You As A Manager develops participants’ understanding of their own management style and core values.  It explores the importance of emotional intelligence in management, assisting managers to recognise their triggers and potential barriers to success.  This program introduces an Action Learning framework to assist managers learn from their experience on the job.


Managing Others develops managers’ skills for optimising performance.  Participants will consider what motivates staff and learn the essentials of giving effective feedback.  They will also be introduced to frameworks, skills and tools for managing under performance.


Managing Change will assist managers to identify the keys to successful change.  They will learn about the transitions individuals and teams often go through, and communication techniques that are effective for various stages of the change cycle.  Finally managers will learn to deal with resistance and change fatigue.


Managing Conflict builds managers’ skills and confidence in dealing with conflict in the workplace.  Managers will develop insights into their typical reactions in conflict and preferred conflict management style.  Managers will explore the causes and map the underlying issues that drive conflict.  They will practice skills for managing conflict, and consider a range of third party strategies for addressing workplace conflict.


Sabbaticals and Retreats



Our residential retreats based in sumptuous accommodations in Provence are:

  • Resilient Leadership
  • The Promise of Transformation
  • The Ultimate Work-Life Balance



Our sabbatical programs are 3-12 months in duration. You will be supported in an in-depth enquiry into facets of your leadership or professional practice which fascinate and inspire you.

You will be supported in an in-depth enquiry into facets of your leadership or professional practice which fascinate and inspire you.


An executive coach will assist you to clarify the vision behind your sabbatical and its significance in your life at this point. This knowledge acts as a guiding compass in your choice of sabbatical pursuits. It provides an important backdrop for learning and meaning making.


We recommend participation in one or more of our intensive retreat programs as a feature of your sabbatical. Your coach will work with you to capture key learnings ensuring that they enrich your personal and working life.


Benefits of Sabbaticals

The Creative Disruption report outlines some of the benefits of sabbaticals for individuals and organisations.


Stefan Sagmeister speaks about the importance of time out in this TED talk.


Resilient Leadership Retreat

Resilient Leadership is a five-day leadership program supporting organisational and community leaders to discover their guiding compass.  It is an opportunity to reveal or reconnect with your unique sense of purpose and to establish a clear direction for your leadership.


In the Resilient Leadership program, you will develop an informed map of your leadership.   You will understand what motivates and inspires you and reflect on those forces that sometimes undermine your best efforts.  This program is an opportunity to understand yourself and your leadership environment better.


You will discover the true source of your authority as a leader and explore with others the challenges of leading under pressure.   And most importantly you will develop a strategy for putting your insights and learning into action and bringing others with you on your change journey.

Resilient Leadership is a unique opportunity to work on our own development as a leader, in the company of peers who understand the commitment leadership asks of us.


In Brief

Day 1:           Discover Your Guiding Compass
Day 2 & 3:   Know Yourself
Day 4:           Leading Under Pressure
Day 5:           Bringing People With You


The Resilient Leadership program is held in Provence, in a rural environment which lends itself to understanding your own leadership in the context of nature and history.  Partners are welcome to join you on this residential retreat.  A French cultural program is offered.


For further information

Request further information about the Resilient Leadership program. Or call us on +61 403656063.


This program is also offered in-house.


The Promise of Transformation

A six-day residential retreat program held in Provence


The Promise of Transformation explores the dynamic nature of deep change in individuals, organisations and society.  Equipping leaders, mediators, organisational development practitioners and coaches to discover the essential pattern that lies just beneath the surface, this retreat prepares you to guide and accompany others on the transformational journey.


Whether transformation is prompted by a new vision, changing priorities or painful conflict, it disrupts our lives, requiring us to enter the unknown.  As we approach this point of transition, ‘the edge’, life seems chaotic. Anxiety is high, conflict breaks out and we want to go back.  At this critical point, insight into the deeper story or process of change is essential. Without it organisations churn, leaders lose faith and individuals turn against each other.

Based on the theory and principles of Processwork (or Process Oriented Psychology), this program cultivates you ability to track the signals of transformation in conversations, organisational culture, unexpected disruptions, crises and conflicts.  When understood, these signals act as signposts revealing the pattern underlying deep transformation. Akin to the DNA of each organisation, partnership or individual’s change process this pattern holds critical information for the growth and development of that system.


Exploring the correlation between change, uncertainty and conflict, The Promise of Transformation will prepare you to harness the dynamic forces of transformation.  You will learn how to access the power and potential within visions, uncertainty and conflict and develop a sense of confidence and ease in engaging these forces to deepen the transformational journey rather than derail it.


In Brief

Day 1:  Identity, Visions and Disturbances
Day 2:  Working with Edges
Day 3:  Diversity, Power & Rank
Day 4:  Free Day
Day 5:  Roles, Teams and Systems
Day 6:  Integration


This retreat fosters learning through interaction and experience, in addition to the introduction of new ideas, concepts and frameworks.


The Promise of Transformation program is held in Provence, in a rural environment which lends itself to reflecting on your professional practice in the context of nature and history.  Partners are welcome to join you on this residential retreat.


For further information

Request further information about The Promise of Transformation program. Or call us on +61 403656063.


This program is also offered in-house.


The Art of Work-Life Balance Retreat

Discovering Joie de Vivre


A six-day residential retreat program held in Provence


Having your foot permanently on the accelerator takes its toll.  We grow stale.  Our effectiveness diminishes, often in ways we fail to notice.  And if you drive yourself, chances are you’re pushing others as well.


Work-life balance isn’t about maintaining a static state of equilibrium.  It’s about discovering what sustainability looks like in your own life.  Some of us are long-distance runners, while others thrive in creative and rapidly changing environments.  Each of us has our own drive, passions, capacities and needs for rest and renewal.


Set in the exquisite beauty of Provence, this retreat will revitalise your mind, body and spirit.


It is an opportunity to discover the guiding vision underpinning your life and career path.  Fresh perspectives on what sustains you, will help you clarify your priorities.   While understanding what drives your current behaviour will support you to realign your choices.

This retreat is an opportunity to take time out to differentiate between what’s urgent and important.  It is a chance to re-assess your role, role boundaries and your relationship with yourself and others.


Learn about what makes you tick, as you reconnect with nature and the world around you and reset your clock.  Rediscover your joie de vivre.


In Brief

Day 1:  Taking A Snapshot
Day 2:  What Drives You?
Day 3:  What Inspires & Sustains You?
Day 4:  Who Accompanies You?
Day 5:  Following Your Guiding Compass


In this program you will be introduced to the practice of mindfulness, a powerful approach to retaining clarity, presence and perspective, even under pressure.


For further information

Request further information about the Discovering Joie de Vivre program.  Or call us on +61 403656063.


This program is also offered in-house.