Coaching Services and Programs

Coaching is a powerful approach to individual and organisational capacity building.   We work with organisations to build coaching cultures.


Coaching mobilises the tacit knowledge of individuals and teams, supporting them to reflect on their experience,  recognise and activate their strengths, whilst addressing barriers to optimal performance.

This coaching program has built deep and sustained learning not only for myself, but for the people I’ve since coached 
Fiona Hiscock, Manager Learning & Development

Executive Coaching

Coaching can be a rare opportunity to reflect confidentially on your experience, assumptions, mindset and behaviours. Executive coaching is the best strategy we know of to build your resourcefulness and resilience in leadership. Executive coaches support leaders to reflect on and learn from their leadership, in order to realise their potential and achieve better outcomes.


Our executive coaches help leaders achieve congruence and clarity about their goals and cultivate their capacity to engage with the forces that disturb and frustrate their leadership. Moving beyond a level of mere reaction to organisational challenges, our clients come to regard them as an impetus to new insights, learning and action and so are better equipped to influence their environment.

CLE’s executive coaches are engaged by leaders who want to position their leadership, develop strategic insights, achieve influence, lead change, acquire political nous, refine their decision making, use power more effectively, gain emotional intelligence, manage conflict and dissent, build resilience and more skilfully occupy their leadership role.


CINERGY® Conflict Management Coaching

Conflict management coaching supports the early resolution or management of conflict and restoration of working relationships.  A confidential process, it helps to clarify your conflict management goals and develop insight into the dynamics that maintain conflict.   Conflict Management Coaching helps individuals to understand the perspective of all parties involved and explore options for managing your conflict.  They also support the development of  practical skills essential for effectively implementing conflict strategies.


Conflict coaching reduces the human and organisational costs of conflict and can be applied to specific disputes, internal conflicts or more general patterns of dealing with conflict. CINERGY® Conflict Coaching develops organisational capability whilst addressing workplace conflicts, without the need to escalate conflicts to the level of a dispute.

Helped me to understand just why this situation pushed my buttons so strongly 
Senior Manager

Coaching Programs

Conflict Management Coach Practitioner Training

The Conflict Management Coach Practitioner program trains conflict management coaches to support individuals and teams to develop insight into the factors that lead to and maintain disputes.  Conflict coaches assist conflicting parties to develop an understanding of their own and the other party’s perspective prior to assessing the options available to them and developing strategies to manage their conflicts.  Conflict management coaching is a major innovation in the management of workplace conflict.


More information on our Conflict Management Coach Practitioner program is available here.


The Leader As Coach: Taking A Coaching Approach To Workplace Issues

This two-day program introduces managers to the CINERGY® Coaching approach.  Graduates learn to support their peers and direct reports to think through challenging workplace situations, recognise their own reactions and contributions, and manage workplace tensions and conflicts more effectively.


Leaders participating in this program report these skills have transformed the way they engage with staff and others to address challenging issues in the workplace.


Coaching for Performance

The Coaching for Performance program is for managers, supervisors and leaders interested in developing coaching skills to enhance staff performance. You will learn to coach staff to achieve clarity about their own goals and organisational expectations. Applying an experiential learning approach, this program teaches managers how to mobilise tacit knowledge and improve problem solving skills, in order to optimise individual and organisational performance.


Three months after attending this program, 92% of respondents report an improved ability to provide timely constructive feedback, improved working relationships and improved teamwork; 96% reported improved communication and 84% believed the productivity of their team had improved.


Coaching for Change

The Coaching for Change program is for managers, supervisors and leaders who are supporting their staff through a major change initiative. You will learn to coach staff using the G.R.O.W. model to achieve clarity about their own goals, organisational expectations, new roles and accountabilities. Applying an experiential learning approach, this program teaches managers how to mobilise tacit knowledge and improve problem-solving skills, in order to optimise individual and organisational performance during times of change.

Participants will have the opportunity to:


  • Develop shared team goals for managing in a change environment
  • Clarify personal leadership goals and approaches to leading change
  • Learn to apply the G.R.O.W. coaching model with peers and staff
  • Learn to use powerful questions to support change and work with individual and collective ‘stuckness’ and resistance to change
  • Prepare for challenging change conversations
  • Coach others and be coached with supervision at least four times


The G.R.O.W. model, originally developed by Timothy Gallwey and Sir John Whitmore, is a structured process for conducting coaching conversations in the workplace. The aim is to assist leaders to engage with employees in a way that builds collaboration and problem solving skills, while also being targeted and supportive of optimal performance. In an organisational change environment the G.R.O.W. model supports individuals and teams to turn a corner.


G.R.O.W Coaching Model

Stage Intention
Goal To develop a meaningful change goal.
Reality To obtain a clear picture of the desired future and its impacts.

To discover what works and what doesn’t.

To identify the missing ingredient needed to reach the desired reality.

Options To develop options and clear action plan for achieving the goal.

To identify obstacles and assess risks.

To support accountability.

Way forward To develop a clear action plan.



Leader As Conflict Coach

Leader As Conflict Coach equips leaders and people managers to apply a coaching approach to assist their employees to deal with a range of workplace issues including employee engagement, making difficult decisions, giving feedback, addressing underperformance, managing team tensions, negotiation and workplace conflict.  Leaders learn about the elements that underpin many ‘stuck’ situations in the workplace and are introduced to a powerful question framework for eliciting new insights and developing momentum.


More information on the Leader As Conflict Coach program is available here.