Bullying, Discrimination & Harassment

CLE Consulting brings a sophisticated approach to dealing with bullying, discrimination and harassment in the workplace.  We assist organisations to understand their responsibilities and develop effective strategies for prevention and staff education.


CLE provide conflict coaching for individuals who require a confidential approach and safe place in which to develop strategies for deal with bullying, discrimination and harassment.  We are commonly asked to work with individuals accused of bullying, discrimination to assist them develop insight into the impact of their behaviours. CLE has developed the Four I’s model for developing insight and behaviour change.


CLE’s unique contribution to this field lies in our understanding of the rank and power dynamics that contribute to bullying, discrimination and harassment.  Our founder Rho Sandberg has undertaken graduate studies in this field in the USA.


CLE trains HR advisors, mediators and complaint handlers responsible for addressing bullying, discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

Managing Complaints of Bullying, Discrimination and Harassment

This customised program familiarises complaint handlers with their organisational policies and protocols for managing bullying, discrimination and harassment complaints.


Complaint handling is a complex task requiring highly developed skills on the part of complaint handlers. This program equips complaint handlers with a solid understanding of the dynamics of bullying, discrimination and harassment – whether it is intended or unintended.


With a focus on practical skill development, this workshop introduces the 4I’s model for engaging complainants and respondents in an interest approach to complaint management.  It considers the rank and power dynamics behind bullying, discrimination and harassment enabling complaint handlers to cultivate insight into the impact of these behaviours.

Understanding the Dynamics of Bullying, Discrimination and Harassment

Why do complaints of bullying and harassment catch us by surprise?  This workshop is designed for managers and anyone who may be at risk of allegations of complaints of bullying, discrimination or harassment in the course of their work.


This program  investigates intended and unintended elements of communication when rank, hierarchy and power are part of the mix.  It introduces practical approaches that allow us to learn and help others to learn from allegations of bullying, discrimination and harassment, rather than become outraged and defensive.


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