Psychometric Tools

Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself – Bennis

We offer a range of psychometric assessments to focus leadership development and executive coaching effort.


The Leadership Circle Profile – 360o Instrument


Based on a comprehensive body of research in the fields of human and leadership development, organisational development and human potential, the LSi provides feedback on creative and reactive tendencies across 29 discrete dimensions.
The Leadership Circle offers a powerful opportunity for leaders to reflect upon and update their Internal Operating System in order to lead genuine transformation.


The Human Synergistics’ LSI and GSI – 360o Instrument


The Human Synergistics Circumplex provides a way to see, measure and change the thinking and behavioural styles that drive the performance of individuals, groups and organisations. Three general clusters break down the factors underlying effectiveness into 12 specific styles, based on their relationship to needs (satisfaction vs. security), orientation (task vs. people) and themselves.


The GSI offers real time feedback on group performance.


Diamond Power Index (DPI) – 360o Instrument


The Diamond Power Index® (DPI) is a 360º leadership assessment that provides insight into how you and those around you experience your use of power. The DPI helps identify critical opportunities related to how you use power—personal and positional—and provides actionable suggestions for development to lead more effectively, improve team culture, and achieve sustained success for your organization and your career”. Julie Diamond


Korn Ferry Talent Q


The Talent Q elements assessment measures verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning aptitude, while other assessments in this suite provide insight into drives.


DiSC Profile


An easy to understand instrument the DiSC profile is a power stimulus for dialogue about work style preferences and communication in teams. Exploring the underlying drivers of behaviour, the DiSC helps individuals and teams to make sense of diversity and offers practical insights into working together more effectively.


Team Management Profile


The TMP identifies eight core activities (Types of Work Wheel), mapped against four work preference measures (RIDO Scale) which combine to create an individual’s unique Team Management Profile. Team member benefit from understanding their contribution to team effectiveness, while providng an opportunity to recognising any gaps in the teams’ combined profile.


Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP)


The CDP provides insight into constructive and destructive behaviour patterns in conflict, as well as hot buttons. It can be administered as a 360 or as a self-report instrument.


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