Workplace Diversity & Inclusion

Power and rank dynamics show up in many guises in organisations. Stepping into leadership, exercising the authority of one’s role and learning to manage-up all rely on a person’s ability to mobilise their personal power.


In addition, the expression of rank and power dynamics in the workplace is a key determinant of workplace culture. It underpins whether executive teams can achieve alignment and reach effective decisions, whether staff are free to create and innovate and whether individuals feel free to ask questions or raise concerns. The effective use of power is central to psychological well-being and high morale in the workplace.


Power, rank and diversity are inextricably linked. Indicators of unconscious bias and gender and racial stereotyping (amongst others) are often lost on those who belong to more central or mainstream groups in the workplace and society.


Conversely, members of diverse cultural groups are acutely aware of these dynamics and sometimes struggle with them daily.


In this one day workshop we will address four distinct challenges of power in the workplace:


  • Using high power well
  • Working with emerging power
  • Overcoming low rank
  • Dealing with the misuse and abuse of power


The impacts of power and rank dynamics can be subtle. Have you ever wondered why someone might be highly competent in one situation, yet go to pieces in another? Many individuals struggle to understand these moments when their performance is derailed. Often the answer lies in who’s in the room or more specifically, the comparative rank of those individuals.


Our understanding of power and rank dynamics as leaders, coaches, mediators and OD practitioners plays a critical role in our capacity to engage stakeholders from diverse backgrounds. It is fundamental to our ability to raise awareness of power within our organisations, communication patterns and the impact of behaviours on others.


This workshop is a valuable opportunity to build your awareness of power and rank dynamics in the workplace. It offers a chance for us to reflect as leaders and as professionals on how we can best mobilise the talent and diversity within individuals, teams and our broader workforces.


Creating Inclusive Workplaces


Promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace is a priority for organisations interested in engaging emerging markets and tapping into the unique knowledge a fully engaged and diverse workforce provides.


We assist organisations committed to diversity and inclusion to understand how unconscious rank and taken-for-granted privileges act as barriers to the recruitment, retention and promotion of your best talent.


Our dynamic programs and facilitation build insight into the relationship, attitudinal and communication dynamics that support full participation and inclusion


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Cost: $480/person inc gst


To register for this program please email CLE Consulting Australia or call 03 9077 2163.