Rho Sandberg




  • M.Org Change and Conflict Facilitation USA
  • M.Cognitive.Sc. B.App.Sc. Dip.Couns


Areas of Expertise

Leadership Development & Executive Coaching
Organisational Culture Change
Conflict Management, Team and Power Dynamics
Coach and Advanced OD Practitioner Training


Synthesising her experience as an organisational development consultant, executive coach and mediator Rho introduces dynamic approaches to working with individuals, teams and large groups that meet clients ‘where they’re at’. Committed to following the client’s needs and experience, rather than relying on static methods and techniques, she has a forensic interest in the transformative process in action.


Before working in the fields of leadership development and conflict facilitation, Rho’s early career in neuroscience and neurological rehabilitation, highlighted our human potential for resilience and the cognitive, social and emotional dimensions of learning and decision making. Through her studies in process oriented psychology, she deepened this capacity and developed approaches to working with change that find their roots in Jungian psychology, role and systems theory. Rho draws on these learnings to assist leaders and practitioners to cut through the ‘white noise’ of organisational life and change initiatives.


Rho delivers advanced skill development programs for OD, HR and ADR practitioners. She has trained thousands of individuals as coaches and embedded coaching to support culture change within health and tertiary education sectors. Rho worked with the Victorian State Service’s Authority to introduce CINERGY Conflict Coaching as a new approach to the management of organisational conflict across the Victorian Public Sector.


Rho has a keen interest in the relationship between organisational culture and patterns of workplace conflict, along with the role of power, diversity and marginalisation in the emergence of community and organisational conflict. She has facilitated interpersonal, team and volatile social conflicts in Australia, Europe and the USA.


Rho has also worked extensively in the field of workplace health and wellbeing, with specialisation in the management of psychological injury in the workplace.  She currently combines this interest with her knowledge of organisational culture, leadership and management, to conduct organisational health checks, which are highly respected for their capacity to invite stakeholders on the organisational change journey, whilst highlighting areas for attention and improvement.


Rho holds a Masters in Organisational Change and Conflict Facilitation (PWI, USA) and Masters of Cognitive Science (UNSW). She draws on over 1200 hours experience as an executive and conflict management coach, as well as extensive consulting experience in natural resource, emergency services, education, finance, business and infrastructure development and health sectors.


Rho is currently Principal of CLE Consulting Australia and founding director of the Global Coaching Institute.