Ron Tiffen

Senior Consultant



  • M. Conflict Resolution and Mediation
  • Nationally Accredited Mediator, Australia
  • M. Social Work; B.A.


Areas of Expertise

Leadership and management development
Organisational transition and change management
Stakeholder engagement
Policy and service program development, review and evaluation
Mentoring and Coaching for leaders and managers
Facilitated problem solving for groups
Mediation and conciliation
Designing complaint response systems


With more than twenty years at the most senior levels of public sector operational management, Ron has demonstrated outstanding success in delivering effective services and organisation development.


As senior advisor in two state-wide policy and service design areas, Ron has been responsible for designing, reviewing and evaluating major service programs.


Dedicated to promoting and safeguarding human rights in the workplace and for clients of services, Ron has specialised in the areas of health, human services and aged care. He has also specialised in several areas where clients have high dependency on the service and little capacity to express their wishes and needs. He has managed programs in the Office of the Public Advocate (Victoria), the office of the Disability Services Commissioner and the Mental Health Complaints Commissioner.


Ron has designed and managed complaint response systems to assess and resolve complaints within statutory bodies. Ron is committed to building the conciliation services within the public sector and is on the coaching and assessment panel of the accreditation training for mediators in Australia.


A passion for great leadership and management has led Ron to focus on mentoring and coaching leaders and managers. His goal is to facilitate leaders and managers to be able to offer their best to their organisation, to recognise and deal effectively with the various pressures and ambiguities of their role and to arrive home to be available to their loved ones each day.


A specialist investigator, Ron has investigated workplace incidents and has been used for sensitive issue investigation such as allegations of abuse, neglect and exploitation of children and people with high dependency needs.