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During my early career in neurolological rehabilitation I was fascinated by the workings of the brain. These years taught me a lot about what happens when things start going haywire. It’s an understanding I still value as a coach…

Leaders need to be able to think clearly. We expect them to make decisions based on sound reasoning. We also expect leaders to engage proactively. But too often this is not the case. Many leadership decisions are reactive, occurring when people are at the mercy of what neuroscientist’s refer to as an amygdala hijack.

When we are triggered by a problem that is overwhelming, when someone who challenges our identity or we encounter perceived threats, the amygdala kicks in. We become reactive. The amygdala is the part of the brain responsible for our fight and flight response.

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Forthcoming Events


Conflict Management Coaching

Our four day training program introduces participants to the CINERGY® Conflict Coaching model and the Not-So-Merry-Go-Round of conflict which is central to developing insight and change. With a focus on experiential learning participants become skilled in facilitating others in a process of change.

  • Sydney: 19 - 22 July 2016
  • Melbourne: 19 - 22 Sept 2016

Developing Skill and Wisdom in Facilitation

with Dr Stephen Schuitevoerder

8-11 September 2016

In this workshop we will use the methodology of Process Work to guide us in developing new skills. Process Work is a dynamic neo-Jungian method that I have worked with for over 30 years. The last 15 years I have been applying this methodology with significant success in working with organizational clients in individual, team and whole system facilitation. In this workshop we will explore the foundational skills of Process Work including eldership, structural awareness, emerging processes, edge work and system approaches to change, and apply them in experiential exercises. This methodology of facilitated supervision is an advanced approach in cultivating our skills as facilitators and will occur throughout the workshop.

The second area of focus will be in developing our deep sense of values and wisdom in our lives and work. We will explore the importance of wisdom in our work, how this can be developed over time and practices that can assist us in this process. In this sense the workshop will be a time of focus on both our skill and personal development as facilitators.